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April 05, 2012


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Justin - Five Sprouts Stitching

The above comment gives great advise about crawling - I always submit any changes to webmaster and the results are immediate. As far as naming your buisness and S.E.O goes - those are great points. If you are not front page, top spot for your own buisness name that would not be good. You should not have to optimize for your own brand. It is hard enough for whatever keyword you are going for.

A Facebook User

Thanks for the write up Michael. Another thing potential website owners should keep in mind is that search engines need to be informed that a website is available to crawl or index. Not all websites online have been or will be indexed without manually submitting them. It's sad because people think they are set and forget.
Also, I believe using the name of your brand in conjunction with your location can and will help but only if done correctly. Local business listings can also help dramtically when it comes to a website being easily found in search. I would also agree and recommend people avoid using generic and common names when developing their web presence. I discuss things like this on my fb page at http://www.facebook.com/ComebackMarketing Stop by and say hello and let's get a discussion started.
Thanks again Michael, you always share good information.

Denzel Deon

The naming your business after the location in which it now resides is both confining and commonplace. Many fine naming ideas can crop up there, particularly if the place-name you've identified has some history or particular claim to fame. Hot dogs named "Coney Island", western wear named "Durango", golf equipment named "Pebble Beach"

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