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March 01, 2010


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Ernest Branson

Having a market valuation prepared prior to starting a sale process is a key step in understanding your business’ position. If properly undertaken the valuation will give an accurate gauge to the price range you may achieve and is an essential starting point for any future negotiations.

Matthew Engquist

Valuing your business will tell you how much it is truly worth – it will tell you whether you’re catching up with the market or not. It is like an open opportunity to improve sectors of your business and set new goals to achieve.

Harry Hvostov

To help business people with business valuation, we have just released ValuAdder 5, our 5th Generation
business valuation software for business people and professional advisors.

Key highlights:

ValuAdder 5 offers a full set of standard valuation methods and deal structuring tools to create
highly accurate, defensible business appraisals.

ValuAdder 5 is designed from the ground up on the industry-leading Java 6 computing platform.
This gives business people the freedom to choose the ValuAdder product for any computer system, including all versions
of Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, Linux and Unix.

A comprehensive Learning and Info Center makes ValuAdder 5 very accessible to both the
novice and the professional business appraiser.

See it for yourself - take the ValuAdder 5 Tour at www.valuadder.com!


Business valuation is essential for better planning. It is an interesting subject and a lot of business owners should take time to do so. Thank you.


I agree 100%. In order for any business, small or big, to improve, it needs to know its value as a planning tool to continue doing business. It's like getting to know you better to succeed in life. Business owners have to do a business valuation from time to time to find out if they are doing the right thing or making mistakes that will eventually ruin their business.

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