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May 11, 2009


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Cindy Unger

I thought $10,000 was rather high also, especially since he only has around 24 cabins. I don't think it is repeat business. I did an MSN search on your site, and it came-up 4th. If I were purchasing the ad, I guess I would like to check on number of hits for your site and/or call some references to check on results before I plunged in. Might be a very cost-effective method of advertising, however. Personally, I do all of my vacation planning in terms of places to stay on the net. I am a tripadvisor.com fan.

Ultimate Wyoming

Hmmm...If you didnt find him on a Google AdWord, is it really a good investment? $10,000 seems quite high! If he is busy all summer, I'll bet it is repeat business. What do you think about spending $600 a year for a premium web ad on the www.ultimatewyoming.com website? Google "Vacation Wyoming" or "Yellowstone Park Trip Planner" to find us...

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