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October 09, 2008


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Rick Rothwell

Wyoming Businesses- I wanted to update the blog on Doug Hall's great presentation at the Idea Expo.

Doug and the Eureka Ranch have been delivering growth solutions to businesses over the last 22 years. His clients are some of the best known companies in the world- Proctor & Gamble/ Johnson & Johnson/Nike/etc. Doug is on a mission to help small and mid-sized businesses to grow their top line revenues and to protect and build their profit margins.

Small and midsized businesses (less than 500 people) are the life-blood of the American economy. Big companies cannot drive growth-small businesses can-by being nimble, and responding to customer needs. This is where the PASSION mentioned above comes into play. Be passionate about helping your customers.

The Eureka Winning Ways program applies to virtually any business who needs to become more profitable. The program is a very disciplined approach- based on DATA. The program involves having a stronger marketing message (sell more of what you have), capturing additional customers, and delivering new products or services that are dramatically different-and not commodities.

The delivery arm of Doug Hall's Eureka Winning Ways program in the state of Wyoming is Manufacturing-Works. We are the only licensed provider of the Eureka program in the state of Wyoming. Manufacturing-works has delivered the results to be considered 1 of the top 3 Eureka programs in the country. As a result of this top classification- we are getting the latest programs, and able to help Wyoming businesses with even more tools.

We can be reached at our Manufacturing-Works web site, www.manufacturing-works.com, or I can be reached directly at rrothwell@bresnan.net (307)638-8055.

Thank you for the blog-and the opportunity to add to it.

Rick Rothwell

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